Giving Kindness Its Why

It was right before our first Easter without my brother Mark
when this special delivery left me in a puddle of tears.

A fourth-grade teacher in WI had encouraged her students to write to me and let me know how they were doing putting their key principle into action. So thoughtful and inspiring! But I wondered if she really knows what that dose of empathy for me really did as I sat there and savored 
every. single. stroke.

That's what empathy does for us; it nourishes our soul.

And I'm convinced that empathy is what gives kindness its why. 

I cannot WAIT to surprise these hometown students with a visit in June.

So let's talk about some other actionable ways to give empathy wings.

I showed this clip to my 8th graders today
and it was a hit. Head. Heart. Hands.
Check out this empathy hero!

Try Tanya Kirschman's Empathy In A {Shoe} Box Activity.

Find out who needs your help and host a Day Of Service.

Read and reflect on Empathy and a Snow Blower.

Discuss this quote by researcher and storyteller Brené Brown:

Compare and contrast two of these fictional pieces:

Get curious about the world around you.
Then ask those gently-curious questions
My favorites include:

Tell me more.
What's going well?
What's not going so well?
What's the hardest part?
What do you wish were different?
What would you keep the same?
How can I help?

Work on these habits of emotional intelligence
to give your learners an empathy advantage.

Really anything that you can get your hands on by
Dr. Michele Borba is fantastic and spot on.

Read a piece I wrote recently for ALSCA {here} and find out
what I mean about kindness being the REAL Global Warming.

Sometimes, empathy is just as easy as listening.
To understand rather than to respond.

Holding space.
Being there.
In the moment.
Without judgement.
Understanding what they need.
Feeling with them.

And giving kindness its why.

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