PPBF: Our Playground Rules!

Today I'm excited because I'm getting ready
for four author visits in the next two weeks.

So I wrote a little ditty to the tune of ... you guessed it ... You Are My Sunshine to strum on my ukulele and sing with the students. I'm attaching an antique key onto a pocket-sized version of this card as a KEYpsake for each learner in my audience to take home with them. 

The {click} toward the end is for us to motion with our keys that we are unlocking the future and stepping into the magic toward greatness. 

I. Can't. Wait!

Today's PPBF comes out next week and
I feel so grateful to introduce you to this gem.

Title: Our Playground Rules!
Author: Kallie George
Illustrator: Jay Fleck
Publisher: Rodale Kids
Birth Date: May 17, 2022
Suitable for: preK-2nd
Themes: getting along, playing fair, practicing patience
Brief synopsis: In this treasure, playground time goes so well because of how the adorable animal friends treat one another; traits like patience, empathy, kindness and care, help make that happen.
Opening page: 
Our playground rules! Why? Because we say hello ... 
and make each other feel welcome.

Check out the publisher's page {here}.
Visit the author's page {here}.
Read Make Recess A Time of Joy & Learning {here}.

Why I like this book: Our Playground Rules! will help your littlest friends navigate playground play; its the brightly-colored illustrations and the humorous asides from its supporting cast of characters put this newcomer on the podium. Take a picture walk before your read-aloud. 

Ask your littles what they want THEIR playground rules to be.

We do kind things for others.

Find out why they think that theirs is a good rule.

We include everyone ... especially is someone feels lonely. 

Let them vote on which rule they think is most important.

And most of all, our playground rules
because we try to be our best.

Use this beauty to pre-correct and front-load
how you envision your recess time going.

Perfectly-timed to release just as we're about to plan
for our next school year, this is a must-have for
our back-to-school collections.

Check it out, then head to Susanna Hill's blog

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  1. This IS a great book to get now for the fall; for the first 2 weeks of expectation- learning and practicing! And the KEYpsakes! How wonderful! Lucky students!!!


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