Love Heals The World

Can it be that tomorrow is November already?
Today I'm grateful for heart hugs that help me heal.

I've been out and about speaking a bit more;
I love talking with teachers, affirming them,
inspiring them and thanking them for the love
that they pour into their class families every day.

Here's a young aspiring teacher I'm so grateful to mentor!
Meet Paris, a junior at FHS in the Ready, Set, Teach program.

Peace and Love in Spanish. Don't you love this?

Paris comes to our class T-F every week for 90 minutes to help out while she's preparing to become a teacher one day. She specifically asked to be paired with a Spanish teachers since she's in Spanish 4 and absolutely LOVES the language, especially grammar, just like me! On the way we me, I gave her these flags and the blank wall outside of my room and told her that I'd love for her to create a beautiful visual for us. What a joy it was to experience her productive struggle as she went from, "I'm not very creative, at all" to "Look what I did!" It's such a great program for students who want to go into education one day; a bonus for these young people is that when they finish with their college degree, they have a guaranteed interview for a teaching position in our district. Win-win, for sure.

Second heart hug on my gratitude list is this priority mail:

You may remember that my brother Mark would send me a
sack of leaves during those Autumn seasons that I wasn't able
to get home to see the Fall in full bloom. Heavy sigh.

When I mentioned to that to his friend Carrie, she asked for my address and picked up these treasures on her morning run the next day, sealed them into a zippered baggie, and sent them down to TX for me. It truly is a scent-sational treat to touch them, look at them, and feel them. Oh, and the smell? I was in maple-syrup heaven as I took in their beautiful perfume. I took them to school, too, to share with the kids, then I dropped a few of them off for a friend, who also loves the smell and doing leaf rubbings.

This week I've got two author visits and a parenting night, so
my work is making its trek through our neighboring districts.

I thrive on being able to share what I've learned about
loving ourselves enough to love kids these days.

In two weeks when we celebrate Texas Character Week
I'll be facilitating a Twitter Chat if you'd like to join us.
Four questions; 30 minutes. November 16 at 6:30 pm CST.

Or you can just reflect on the questions by dropping your answers
in the comments below. Or call or email me; I'd love to chat with you.

If you're like me, all you wanted as a kid was the box of 64 with the crayon sharpener on the back; now they have ultimate packs with 152 colors. Who knew there were SO many shades? Love is like that, too; it comes in SO many different shapes, shades and sizes.

EnJOY coloring the world with love, my friend,
because LOVE does have the power to heal our world.

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