Wrapped up in a heart hug

Happy mid-December; can it be that I haven't posted in over a month?
How are your holiday plans coming? Are you ready for the break?

Today I got this hand-made card from Zoe in 2nd period, and I thought back to 8th grade when I made cards. Not this ornate, for sure, but fun to remember. It hugged my heart that she would bless me with her talent; she told me that she made them for all of her favorite teachers. The kind words of affirmation, gratitude and love inside set my soul aglow, which is nice because I've been feeling a bit melancholy lately. Mostly missing Mipps here at holiday-time, so I put his angel atop this year's tree.

 I guess it's normal, but some days I still can't believe he's gone.
I called his phone number the other day.
Couldn't help it. 
No answer. 
Mailbox full.
Later, a text from the number, asking "who is this?"
My heart skipped a beat to see his name pop up.
I explained who I was and apologized.
They said I'm not the first one to reach out
and tell them how incredible he was. Sigh. 💙

Look what I found when we were going through his childhood treasures.

His loveys, the Velveteen Rabbit whose fur has been loved off, and the Teddy he took everywhere he went. I wanted to keep them, but instead I gave one to mom and one to dad, his two loveys.

Today's story reminded me of Mark and his furry friends.

You can read book reviews {here} and {here}.

Basically, Jonah takes his little lovey, who's unidentifiable but clearly NOT a Teddy Bear, with him everywhere he goes. But when the teacher announces a Teddy Bear picnic, will Freddy qualify? Travel with this inseparable duo and see how creative they get to help others see that what matters isn't what you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside.

I like that. A lot.

There's so much emotion in this story.
Freddy gets laughed at.
They call him ugly.
And he doesn't fit in.

But why fit in when you were meant to stand out?

Check out this book to see how Jonah stands up for his Freddy while 
helping his friend Cassie, who doesn't have a Teddy to call her own.

Add this gem to your library so that kids like Mark can see themselves in this sweet story about identity, friendship, kindness, humor and love and prepare to be wrapped up in a Freddy-sized heart hug.

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