We Are Fluent In Feelings

Today I'm excited because I was able to send 50 of these beautiful, hand-crafted Valentines to three different assisted-living homes to bless the residents with sunshine and send some warmth their way this winter.

Isn't that the most creative pop-up card?!
It made my heart so happy.

This purchase made me happy, too;
look at how calmly these friends are coloring.
My friend Lori sells them at her Etsy shop {here}. 

We also had fun decorating our door for this season of love;
we wrote ways in which we speak and show kindness.

It just feels joyful to see these colorful hearts every day.

Speaking of joyful, this gem arrived in today's mail.

In this rhyming text, we are introduced to some feelings along with an invitation, no, permission really, to sit with them while they visit rather than going around them to avoid their stay. Click {here} for a sneak peek inside, where you'll find emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, disappointment and fear along with values like excitement, kindness and forgiveness. Check it out; I think it'll help your emotions scientists learn to research and explore their feelings a bit more closely.

Makes me think about this Wellness Wheel that I'm using in this week's Mindful Monday morsel. Isn't it incredible? Click {here} for a freebie download from Abby VanMiujen; she's even got a Spanish version! 
Did you know that some researchers say that humans have some 34,000 feelings? That said, it's critical that we help kids of all ages and stages to identify, accept, understand and process their emotions as they show up, in healthy ways; giving them this vocabulary and a safe place to emote is such a strong start.

That's why books about feelings need space on your shelves.

How do you help increase your students' EQ literacy? 

Here's to a sunshiny, lovely February, dear reader; 
what's warming up your corner of the world?

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