When you're quiet

Happy new year; today I'm reflecting on compassion and connection.

I've been pretty quiet this season; 2023 was a lovely summer.

Lots of down time, two relaxing visits to WI to check in on the family, and a chance to reconnect with our adult kids a few times. The sibling reunion at the Natzke Cottage on Crooked Lake tops the list of memories, for sure. It was bittersweet, of course, to reunite without Mark there, but we managed to savor every second of our time together sharing memories, playing, resting, laughing, crying and connecting.

One funny memory from July is a parenting workshop that I got to lead.

Well, my friend, when I looked up on the library's website
 to see how they advertised my session, this is the title I found:

And I was like, "Wait, What? Who's Ted Lasso?"

So I had some researching to do. First, ask my grown children.
Then ask my counseling cadre how they might connect the two,
bullying and Ted Lasso. Then, start watching some clips from the show,
listen to podcasts and read reviews of the three seasons of Ted Lasso.

Then, I found it, the quote that would tie my original idea of empowering
and bully-proofing our children's hearts with Ted Lasso's being, his essence and stance on life.

Phew! Now I'd just have to make a disclaimer about the show's
adult language and occasional rude gestures, but I was able to make a
connection to help me rise to the challenge of pivoting quickly.

Then I thought, wouldn't this make a fun assignment. let someone else write the title and YOU write the essay or create the project. Hmmm. Click {here} to check out my slides.

I've been learning all about Positive Intelligence in an online course
this summer; if you've not read the book, it's SO worth your time!

I've also hosted a knitting class for a few fifth-grade girls and
been mentoring a few newbie counselors out in cyberspace.

What a blessing this season of my life has been.

I got to help create a visual display outside of
my former classroom at FJH on Friday, for
the teacher who took my position.

I even went to safety training so I can be a guest teacher!

My friend Amanda in MA sent me this adorable macrame keychain
in honor of the people from the Ukraine, so I put it on my badge,
to rub on and manipulate when I'm feeling stressed or anxious.

School starts in my district on Tuesday; my first sub job is Thursday.

Then in September, I travel to NM and Midland, TX to bring my message
to Be LOVE to the school counselors there. I. Can't. Wait.

I'm also volunteering with a local shelter for rescued cats and kittens;
oh how I love the sounds of purring when I hold those precious babies.

Isn't Gizmo purrrrr-fect?

I'll leave you with a gorgeous picture from our WI trip,
of the temps plummeting as the clouds rolled in over the
neighbor's farm and the Queen Anne's Lace in the ditch.

We desperately need that rain; pray with us if you're so inclined.

Happy August.

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