PPBF: Always Your Stepdad

Happy PPBF and a blessed Easter weekend from TX, where our bluebonnets and paintbrushes are blanketing the ditches and fields. 
 It's my annual reminder of the Ladybird Johnson quote: 
"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." 

Speaking of hope, let's look at today's picture-book pick.

Title: Always Your Stepdad
Author: Stephanie Stansbie
Illustrator: Tatiana Kamshilina
Publisher: Doubleday Books For Young Readers
Birth date: April 9, 2024
Suitable for: ages 3-7
Themes: family, parenting, empathy
Brief synopsis: This charming read-aloud showcases the relationship between a step-father and his new blended family.
Opening page: 

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Compare and contrast the sister books.

Consider debating: Your teacher is like a step-parent.

Why I like this book: Because I have a stepmom and stepdad of my own, I love that these two stories are written in the voice of the step-parents who are entering the blended-family situation. Because I didn't inherit steps until I had graduated from college, I never got to live with them in a blended-family situation, so I didn't give much thought to what it must have been like for those newbie stepmom and stepdad to marry into a family with five almost-adult children. Such an important perspective!

This book gently shares how shy the dad felt, how awkward the first meet-up was and how he continued to feel as their love for one another grew. The scrapbook-style illustrations beautifully portray the milestone moments that bond parents and their children as they experience so many firsts together. These two titles by author Stephanie Stansbie will undoubtedly be awesome additions for stepfamilies at home, to a family unit in class, and/or for counseling with a child hurdling possible family changes. Isn't it so hopeful that your parents get a second chance at love?

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