PPBF: Race To Kindness

Today's PPBF is like a huge heart hug!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Author: Orion Jean
Illustrator: Darshika Varma
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Birth date: May 7, 2024
Suitable for ages: 4-8
Themes: empathy, compassion, kindness
Brief synopsis: The ripple effect of kindness through the lens of a 9-year-old author simply stated through this beautiful rhyming text.
Opening page: Come join our great race, where kindness begins; 
where everyone's welcome and everyone wins.

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Why I like this book: As soon as I see the word kindness in a title, I'm called to check it out. The coolest thing about this text is that it's written by a young boy and to me, kids helping kids is the best! At the risk of misunderstanding, there's nothing brand-new in this sweet script, but it's such a beautiful reminder in the voice of this 2021 Time Magazine Kid of the Year to give kindness wings and watch it ripple. Orion uses an acrostic with the letters KIND to help his readers run the race with empathy, compassion and love.  

Orion's dedication warms my heart: To my brother, Crown, my reason to keep racing. And it begs the question: Who keeps you on track? 

Compare and contrast the Kindness Race with the Rat Race. How are they similar? How do they differ? Is one of these better than the other? Why? 

Do you think that a Kindness Race is more of a sprint or a marathon?

Use this text as a springboard for planting a kindness seed that you've been germinating on; how will your kindness ripples make a difference in someone else's life? Maybe it'll be something simple, like writing a thank-you note to your teacher, a simply powerful way to "feel the love grow."

What was your last act of kindness, given or received?
What was that experience like for you?
And how might it boomerang back?

I put this together for my Dad for Father's Day on Sunday ... 

a Pillow Hug holding the book written by his daughter,

about his late son, Mark, who went by Mipps, around
the importance of names and respectful use of nicknames.

It's a pebble that I feel so blessed to have pitched
and I feel like it'll come back in ways I can't even imagine.

Happy Father's Day weekend, dear reader; now, head on over to 
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