Captivating Kindness

Today I'm grateful for this extra-special delivery that's just oozing with empathy, compassion, kindness, connection, and love.

It's a huge hug from my friend Trish in my home state of WI, mostly because its contents are so incredibly thoughtful. Not only does it include some adorable hand-written notes, a perpetual calendar, a 2024 charm and some Hero lip balm, but see the Squishmallows

It's a Birdie and a Mipsy. In honor of Birdie & Mipps.

Kindness like this is captivating.
It fills my heart with joy.
And it spells LOVE to me.

It makes me want to give back!

So, I made this Jolts of Joy in July calendar for us.

Which of these 31 options speak to you?

When were YOU last captivated by kindness?

Who gave you that gift and what was that experience like?

And when have you been the captor? How did that feel?

I love and appreciate being on both sides of that captivating kindness.

I've also made a Press Release, so if you're wanting to share info about my book with your colleagues, family or friends, do let me know if you'd like a physical copy.

Here's to a joyful July, dear reader. 💖

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