Dennis Lee: Army Of One

Yesterday was quite possibly my favorite day so far this year ... 
I'll get to why in a minute ... but first things first. 
The winner of an author-signed copy of 
Carol McCloud's Bucket Filling From A to Z is ... Mrs. Brown.
I'll be in touch to get your postal address 'cause you're gonna have mail! 
Thank you all for your Bucket-Filling reflections!

Dennis' baby Mickee Loves Nana Puddin'!

And now to the reason behind my funtastic Friday:  
It was Dennis Lee Day! 

And what's Griswold's rule? Don't Touch My Hair!

Every year since I've been at Westwood-Bales, we've had the good fortune of hosting a character assembly featuring the one-and-only ventriloquist extraordinaire, Dennis LeeEvery year he brings a positively uplifting program and leaves us with happy hearts. 
Every year is better than the last (if that's even possible). 

Was that helium in that balloon?

And this year's show, Army Of One, exceeded our expectations!

Dennis and his Mini-Me

One thought. One word. One deed.
Every one matters.
Every one makes a difference.
Every one.

Dennis graciously agreed to let me share a snippet of his performance with you; without further ado, Dennis and his newest cast member, Grandpa.

If you've never experienced the Funky Monkey Bunch in person, share this video clip with your PTO and ask them to treat your school family to this incredibly gifted educator and entertainer.

You will undoubtedly be blessed by his message and his work.


  1. Entertaining and full of character. I bet the kids loved it!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Our kids are in heaven when they are in Dennis' audience! Can you believe he'll do 57 shows in October alone? UH - may - ZING!

  2. That looks like an awful lot of fun!!

    1. Oh Rhythm, I do believe this would be a tail-wagging experience for you and your Mom person! He's actually from the Dallas area, so you should try to catch up with him sometime. I think he said that last year he did 476 shows ... each one better than the next! And when I told him at lunch that we call ourselves peacemakers, sure enough, he put that into our afternoon show!!


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