Climate Changers 8

Today I woke up so very eager to share another Climate Changer with you, my loyal readers. First, a link to a video clip about how social media is anything but social. It's a powerful poem with an even more meaningful message; 
click {here} to see if you agree.

Here's the thing: I've met many of my favorite colleagues online, because school counseling can be very lonely. Oh, sure, we're with people all day long, but not necessarily peers because typically in the elementary school, we're the only counselor on campus. So I've surrounded myself with a group of beautiful, like-minded friends - teachers, counselors and character educators alike - online. 

I think the key is balance. We must know when to unplug from the virtual world and plug in to the real world around us. And then we must actually do it. That's how I met today's Climate Changer. I was drawn to her blog and connected with her online last summer. Then I reached out to her on travel earlier this year, and we met in person. What a blessing that was!

Meet Sheila, the author of the Pennies of Time blog. 
This kindhearted mother of two is on a mission: 
To do an act of service every. single. day. 
And not just by herself; Sheila works with her two young boys and, when time permits, her husband. They perform meaningful acts of kindness every day. 
On purpose. 
To make our world better. 
And, in doing so, they're motivating others to serve. 
Silently. By example. To make our world better.

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This week, she and her precious boys are working on kindness toward mothers confined to nursing homes who may not have anyone comforting them anymore. From her FB page:

Mother's Day can be hard for many women for a variety of reasons.
There are many women in nursing homes or residence facilities that never get visited. 
This particular day is especially lonely.
Give a quick call to a local facility and find out how many women 
would welcome a flower or card on Mother's Day. 

Just imagine how many lives Sheila and her young boys touch.
How many broken hearts they mend.
How many lonely souls they cheer.
How many cold feet they warm.

No need is too great or too small for these kindness crusaders.
They are caring, compassionate, and charitable.

I know that when they brought me ChickFilA for lunch and danced
 the Six Pillar Shuffle with me, it overflowed my emotional reserves.
They captured my heart. 
And I didn't want them to leave.
If only I'd have had my character camera ...

Sheila also moderates #servechat on Twitter every month;
this month she's invited me to be the guest expert.
Please join us this Thursday night, May 8th, at 8:30 pm EST,
to learn more about Creating A Climate of Kindness in Schools.

Thank you, Sjolseth family, for being Climate Changers in our world. 
Keep up the heart work!

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  1. There are sure some pretty awesome folks out there! Thanks for sharing them!!


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