Deep In The Heart

My brother Mark is in Florida for a wedding,
and he posted this breathtaking shot of the beach.
It got me to thinking ...

... because it so beautifully complemented a 2009 trailer for 
that I saw for the first time this weekend. It was recommended to me in a newsletter from Tommy Spaulding and it intrigued me because of the its powerful message of forgiveness, grace, and tender mercy.

Forgiveness is as much about giving yourself the gift of peace as it is about wiping someone else's slate clean, isn't it? It feels like I'm finding that out at every turn lately. And then this clip comes to my inbox. I researched the story of Grove Norwood, whose four-year-old daughter Joy was killed in a hit-and-run accident and Ulice, the older gentleman who didn't even know he'd hit her, 
and now I can't wait to watch the movie.  

Accident or not, how does that father forgive the man who took his daughter's life, much less clothe him for the funeral, sit side-by-side in grief, and then rally the community to build him a home? WoW.

And yet, it's what people of character are called to do.

At our Shattered Dreams mock memorial service last month, Carla Buchinger told the story of how her 18-year-old son was killed in a drunk-driving incident at the hand of his best friend who was at the wheel. Four teenagers died; the driver survived. It's been fourteen years, and she still cries for them and misses them like crazy. Yet, not only has she forgiven that young man, but she had made friends with him. Adopted him as a family member even. 
Just like Grove did with Ulice. 
Two strong examples of how forgiveness is supposed to work,
 deep in the heart. 
I know that their stories inspire finding that kind of forgiveness in mine. 
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a few fences to mend ...

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  1. Incredible stories. Incredible people. Thanks.


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