Plugging In To Screen-Free Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week
and Screen-Free Week!

It sounds heavenly to live in a world
where we're simultaneously appreciating teachers
and pulling the plug on technology
to give our kids a break from the screen.
How will you celebrate this week?

We're dusting off a deck of cards and scheduling a card game every night. Hearts. Canasta. VC. Estimate. Spoons. Speed. Crazy Eights. Kings in the Corner. 
It doesn't really matter what we're playing, but that we're playing. 
Together as a family. 
Around the table. 
With no iTouch {unless you're talking "eye" contact and human "touch"}.

We'll probably also go picking wild dewberries. This is such a great opportunity to get outdoors, breathe in some fresh air, and reconnect as we search for 
those sweet little treasures.

And how about being active rather than passive 
and planning some acts of kindness?
This would be a great week to turn off the high res and resolve to help someone 
soar just a little higher (without a high price tag!). 
Try any or all of these suggestions: 
*Share a piece of the pie that you made from those luscious berries. 
*Call someone whom you haven't spoken with in a while. 
*Make some greeting cards and take them to a local retirement facility. 
*Decorate placemats and take them to a hospital or rehab center. *Surprise the teacher on car rider duty with a little box of something sweet.  
*Put stamps on the envelopes of a package of note cards and give them away with the suggestion of writing a note of cheer mailing it off to someone they love.
*Deliver a McDonald's Caramel Frappe to someone at work.
*Send a Day Maker email to a neighbor or friend telling them how much you appreciate them.
*If you see a stray shopping car, return it to its corral.
*Be the reason someone smiles today. 

Click{here} for more screen-free indoor activity ideas.


  1. My favorite is the last one you mentioned!! Be the reason someone smiles today! :)

    Have a great week with your family "unplugged"!


  2. Some great ideas! We don't have many screens at our house - no TVs or ipads. Just this crazy computer! I'll be doing some reading with my buddies and spreading some cheer!


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