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Perhaps you've seen it on a poster or heard it in an inspirational talk: 
How does a child spell love? 
So as we continue to the countdown to 1000 ... 5 - 4 - 3 ...
today's focus is the gift of time.
Maybe you've seen this Simple Truth Movie about that very thing?

I've written about Father Time a few times:
Time In A Bottle
Forever Nine
Cat's in the Cradle
The Gift of Time

So this week, based on an idea from Danielle over at School Counselor blog
I decided to give each of my third graders
a little one-on-one time with a Minute Meeting, which, in some cases, turned into a Two-minute Talk. And guess who ended up getting the biggest gift? How is it that stuff like that always manages to boomerang its way back?

So here's a summary.
I took my iPad and two chairs and put them outside of the scheduled classroom. Teachers let their students come to our talk-time station in number order so I wouldn't miss anyone. The students sat down and I asked if I could have a minute of their time. They pushed the START button on my timer and we were off. 
Q1: If I asked you to describe yourself in one word, 
which word would you choose?
For some, I prompted with "She is ____________."
Q2: What's an important thing that the counselor 
at the Bales side should know about you?
For some I added: "He's the kid who _______________." 
Q3: Do you have any questions, concerns or worries 
about 4th grade next year?
Q4: What are you most excited about?
Q5: What are you going to miss the most about the Westwood side?

Their answers delighted me! Some of my faves:
A1: hardworking, caring, creative, adventurous, respectful, kind
One friend asked, "Does it have to be a pillar word?"
A2: I'm shy, I'm from a military family, I'm a helper, I'm a peacemaker. 
My absolute top pick? My name!
A3: Will the teachers be caring?
A4: new stuff to learn, new friends, the slushy machine in the cafeteria
A5: This may sound silly, but, the puppets ... awwwww!

If you're the parent or guardian of one of those beautiful third graders, thank you, thank you. What a blessing they have been to our building. I'm so glad that I got to play a small role in their development and watch them bloom and grow 
these past four years.

If you're a counselor, you might want to treat yourself to those
 Minute Meetings. 

If you're a teacher, thank you for making time every day to connect with your kids and meet not only their academic needs, but also those of the heart and soul. 
The future is brighter ... because of you!

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I bet the kiddos loved the one on one time.


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