Service Above Self

Meet Anna. I knew her before she was born, because her mom, LeAnn, works with me at Westwood-Bales. Anna, a soon-to-be second grader, came to the book launch in her blinged-out superkid shirt, which, by the way, suits her to a T, and with that beautiful card she made for me. What I want you to pay special attention to is their matching hair styles.

Ever since LeAnn came to work at our school ten years ago, she's had long hair. Not super long, but let's say ten inches longer than her now-shoulder-length do. It's just been her look, how we know her. So I was surprised to see her the other day with a bobbed-off cut. When I stopped her to compliment her beautiful new style, 
she told me how it happened.

You see, we have this Ponytail Club at school, and her little angel, Anna, wanted to donate her hair in this year's event. It was a goal she set for herself at the end of Kindergarten, after last year's event, when her locks weren't quite long enough. All throughout the year, her mom tells me, Anna kept encouraging her to follow suit, 
to cut and donate her hair, too.

Well who can refuse that sweet smile and special invitation? So, encouraged and urged on by her daughter's compassion and love, LeAnn cut her hair and this mother-daughter duo shared their locks with love. 
Isn't that just the best, when a child is at the root of such generosity?

Service Above Self, the essence of the Rotary International all around the world. I had the pleasure of being invited to a meeting with the Friendswood Rotary yesterday and left there thinking that I want to be a Rotarian when I grow up. Have you ever been to one of their meetings? Such camaraderie and brotherhood ... with lots of sisters thrown in for good measure, of course! Like Anna and her mom, they're superheroes crusading for good. That's why I'm especially touched and honored that they would choose me for their 2014 Vocational Service Award.

 Just as I finished up my 30th year and launched into a summer of savoring, I was presented with this beautiful plaque and a monetary gift that helped me purchase an iPad to travel with me on my book tour. My first device {shocking, I know!} and a distinction that I will treasure for a lifetime from an organization whose members walk the talk by putting character into action, every day.

As I start to savor my summer, I'm certainly walking on sunshine ... 

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