In My Element

Happy Wednesday morning ... June 11th? What??
Why does June insist on going so fast?

Today's post is about the book launch I wasn't even going to have. Well, my publicist from the marketing company told me it would be a good idea to have one - she strongly encouraged it even - but as we were visiting about it, I kept hearing the word optional in my head.

That very night at K graduation, one of our moms that I'd talked with a bit about the book asked about its progress and I said it had been shipped and she immediately inquired about the launch. 

Not really thinking about a launch, I told her ... to which she immediately offered to help me plan it. The launch. The one I wasn't really planning on having. Maybe she didn't hear me. I wasn't really considering a launch. But she was having none of that. The book needs a launch. So that next day she emailed me and before I knew it she was sitting in my office with me planning a launch. In less than two weeks. A small launch at a local coffee shop. Just sign a few books. To get the word out. A few balloons. Some cupcakes. Bring the cape for decor. Just a small launch. 
To get the word out. And to celebrate.

Her name is Rebecca if you ever need a publicist.

Oh, and she has the sweetest friend named Mariah who also came along to help ... and managed to elude the paparazzi!

My publisher, Marian, sent a bouquet to Dunn Bros. where it was held so flowers were waiting there when we arrived. We set up between 4 and 5 and were ready to go when Jennifer and Tricia, our first customers, arrived. 

And from 5 pm until about 7:45, we had a non-stop line of community friends and family waiting to get their copy. 

And the part you won't believe is that sometimes the line backed up because I got to talking ... {if you had to wait in line, I'm sorry. I promise to do a better job next time, Rebecca!} ... because connecting is my favorite!

Moms brought their daughters!

And kids came to celebrate with me.

SUPERKIDS, who colored these and left them for me.

Click {here} for source.

It was exhausting and energizing ... all at once ... 
and John says I was in my element.

Well who wouldn't be in their element, surrounded not only by kids, but by scenes like this on that Rebecca captured on her character cam ... two veteran teachers poring over my new release. Such a blessing.

So today, I'm feeling oh, so grateful for this amazing opportunity ... to share inspirational stories and strategies that just might help make this world a little bit fuller for our superheroes and their superheroes and so on and so on ...


  1. Barbara, I just love love love this post!! You happiness is so genuine and the character cam really caught it!!! Congratulations again! I'm glad you did the launch!!

  2. This is awesome! A day you will remember for a long time for sure. I'm so glad you were surrounded by so much support and love and that you officially LAUNCHED your amazing book! Yay for Rebecca!

  3. Looks like you and everyone else had a wonderful time.

  4. OhMyGolly. This post was like hearing you TALKING! And I LOVE that there was a line!!! Congrats, Barbara, for being an inspiration to so many. And, I agree with Rebecca... A launch was definitely necessary... because celebrating you would be so much fun!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. Oh so wonderful. I wish I could have been there to celebrate such a wonderful accomplishment. I'm so glad your supportive community loved on you like they did.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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