Inspiring Sportsmanship

Look what I got in the mail a few weeks ago from my friends at Free Spirit Press; the first two in a five-book Count Me In Sports series 
that I predict you're going to want.
Inspirational. Empowering. Remarkable.
Brad Herzog has gathered an incredible collection of stories.
Real stories about ordinary people doing
extraordinary things in sporting events.
Things that, at the end of the game, have nothing to do 
with numbers on a scoreboard.

Each book has 20 stories, shared to equip and empower.
Stories like Shay's story.
Stories like Touching Them All.

Stories that focus on character in action,
on and off the field, sometimes triumphant,
other times heartbreaking, each time with integrity.

If you're already a CC! school and using
these titles will be the perfect sportsmanship complement.

Check out these books; I think you'll be positively inspired
to create win-win plays on and off the field!

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