This Time Next Year

It's that time of year again, graduation.
Endings ... and new beginnings.
A time to thank.
A time to graduate.
A time to move up.
A time to move on.
A time to say Yay, You!
before saying good bye.

Is there somebody special that you're having to bid adieu to?

My friend Caryn came by my office last week to ask if I'd sign this book for her daughter, who's leaving our Westwood-side for fourth grade at Bales next year. In some ways, it seems like her little baby girl was just born. In other ways, I'm left wondering if she's really only eight years old. Time is funny that way.

Anyway, this sensitive Mom started this book when her daughter started school. Every year, she pulls it out of its secret spot and asks key people from that school year to scribe a special message for her daughter's keepsake. Then she tucks it back into its spot and waits for another year to pass.

She tells me that she'll be pulling it out again this time next year and the year after that and the year after that until 2023, when her angel graduates from high school. 
What a treasured gift that will be.

So grab that special someone who's moving up and moving on, 
wish them well and let them know that they've got a
friend at the Corner cheering them on and praying for them.

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