Common Care Guest Post

Today I'm excited because I've spent some quality time with a wonderful 
school family in Santa Barbara that's on a kindness crusade. 

Their campus has an ocean-front view!

We had so much fun singing, dancing, laughing, and connecting
that I think I could see the palm trees moving with us.

 I woke up with a migraine, so the first hour wasn't my finest, but once the water that I drank to combat my dehydration kicked in, I was good to go.

I made this graphic to share with them:

It truly was a terrific time.

While I've been away, I collaborated on a guest post called
Making Caring Commonplace at the Character Educator.
Sheila from Pennies of Time was kind enough to do a Q & A with me after we reviewed some research that caught our attention!
It makes me wonder: What if we were teaching 
Common Care instead of Common Core?
Because after all, what kind of a world do we want?
Thanks, Sheila, for your wise words and action plan.

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