My Stars!

Busy as a beaver on Saturday, I finished with my letter puddles, then went shopping for a pool noodle to cut up into 1-inch pieces to make stress squeezers for school.  I lucked out and found this green star-shaped noodle and - voila - stress stars were born. Now I'm working on what to say on the little note I'll attach for each teacher as a welcome-back-to-school surprise.  Thanks to Danielle for this fun idea!   You could even take it a HUGE step up and make pool-noodle sculptures. Happy sculpting.

Deals on pool-noodles are everywhere; even though they are cheap, don't pay full price.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this idea Barbara! I so need these! I think I'll make a necklace of one since I will be using it all day long when I start back to homeschooling. LOL

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  2. Did you ever come up with a back to school saying for teachers for your stress stars??

    1. That's a great question. I didn't end up giving them out cause we went with a different give-away so I kept them in a basket and used them with kids.

    2. I couldn't find star shaped noodles...so I just got the regular round ones. Once cut...they look like lifesavers! So I wrote Life Saver on it and am going to come up with some sort of Life Saver stress relief message for back to school for teachers! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog! I am also using the Twister bulletin board...!

    3. Yay Amanda - I'm glad you're finding my posts useful. The Lifesaver idea sounds great and I'll bet your teachers will love it!

      With stars, you could use The Star Polisher OR The Star Fish poem.


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