Character ROCKS!

Over the years, I've kept a fountain in my office simply labeled Character ROCKS! The water flows over the river rocks onto which I've written character traits and values.  It serves not only as cool decor that makes a relaxing sound, but also as an occasional talking point and springboard for my counseling sessions.  Here are the different ways you can use Character Rocks!   Well, I shared that idea with Jen, one of the many bloggers I admire.  Visit her webpage - Runde's Room - to see how she took the idea and rolled with it.  This picture shows her amazing adaptation.  So much synergy in cyberspace collaboration; I'm lovin' it!


  1. Thank-you so much! I love the term cyberspace collaboration - it totally fits this whole blogging experience. You have such great ideas - I can't wait to read more now that I've found your blog.
    Runde's Room

  2. Thanks, Jen. My blog is mainly to share stories but now and again I'll post an idea, too. Most of my school-related stuff is on my school's website; here's a link to the Character Road page if you want more fun character-education infusion activities and lesson plans:

    The Character Road



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