The Power of Words

This film clip is simply powerful.  What is the message beneath your words?
How could changing your words change their effect?


  1. Oh Barbara. This morning I am moved beyond description by your sharing this film. It is so powerful on so many levels. Today I will be in tears all day, anyway. I'm anticipating tears-of-joy.............. I have truly been blessed with so many blessings. Finding you is the cherry on top. Thank you.

  2. I shared it with my son's 6th grade teacher in May and she shared it with his class. She, too, said that it was SO moving to them and that it generated quite a riveting discussion. I'm counting your blessings with you! Barbara

  3. wow, have never seen this. Very moving. We often don't realize how powerful are words can be---both positively and unfortunately negatively.

  4. Yay, Tina - thanks for teaching me how to hyperlink!!!


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