Feeling Tiles

Are you looking for an interactive way to help your students effectively figure out what they're feeling?  Try drawing a few faces from Jim Borgman's ever-popular How Are You Feeling Today? poster on the ceiling tiles and turn them into feeling tiles. When my daughter was in junior high, we did just that.  Using Sharpie Chisel markers to color code ten of the tiles in my office, she created the treasures that now serve as a visual talking point for when students want to connect the actions of a storybook character (or their own!) to a real-life, every day emotion.  

   Even when I haven't factored in discussion time using the ceiling squares, students will undoubtedly engage with the emoticon as they process a time they felt that way or share a thought about how it must have been to go through that feeling.  Sometimes all they have to do is point; in an instant we know and are right there with them. 

   On a Professional NOTE, We asked the local Ace Hardware store  to donate the ten tiles (Thank you Mr. Loessin!) so as not to deface government property.  This school year I'll be moving into a bigger office (yay!), so hopefully Kaitlyn will find time to draw some more before we launch her into her college life as a student of architecture.  On a personal note, I may need more than just a few feeling tiles to help me manage my feelings on that day!

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