Music That Moves Us

Learning Ahoy is hosting a Linky Party so we can share music that moves us.  Meaningful movement enhances school productivity.  My students are totally energized and lifted up by singing and dancing.  Last year, I even had my faculty and staff members moving to the music during our back-to-school workshop.  My favorite new find came out of an outing to GermanFest in Milwaukee, WI.  This happy song is called So Ein Schoner Tag (Fliegerlied) and it's all about flying through a beautiful day.  I turn on my iPod and turn up the speakers for the perfect three-minute brain break! Challenge your students to translate the words and use its message as a springboard for your simile/metaphor unit:  
I can fly like a bird, I'm strong like a tiger, I feel as tall as a giraffe.
We've also moved to a few originals over the years to seal the deal at the end of our guidance sessions together; watch my kinder kids do the hand jive to a variation of a snappy ditty I wrote called Kids With Character.

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  1. I remember when we did this song at your workshop. We had a blast and were exhausted. My job is very similar to yours as I greet the kiddos in the morning and spend a lot of time in the kindergarten room. No day is the same. I can't wait until next week when the kiddos return from the summer.


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