Got Dirt?

One of our students' favorite places at Westwood is our Nature Center because it's such a serene spot to study and grow. And it's not just for science classes, either. I've witnessed art, writing, even math going on in the teaching theater. The Green Team helps take care of the pond, Book Buddies pair up and read together, and I use this perfectly peaceful and private setting for counseling visits. There's even a few picnic tables tucked into the corner (an Eagle Scout project a few years back!) so that families can enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors while eating lunch together out there.
     If you don't have the luxury of a Nature Center, why not bring the nature inside? Our friends from the UW Extension near my family farm in Brown County, Wisconsin, have this awesome page online with tips for incorporating your garden into the classroom. Maybe you've been contemplating growing a giving garden for a service learning project? Sign up here for other ideas on their blog and to learn about newly-available resources. 

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