Treasuring Their Personality

One of the most important things you can do with kids is to connect with them, help connect them to one another, and help them learn to make connections into the world around them. A way that I found to help me do that is encouraging them get to know themselves and each other better. Enter The Treasure Tree by John Trent and Gary Smalley, a jewel that finds four friends - a lion, a beaver, a golden retriever, and an otter - on a treasure hunt. How they each approach the task is the amazing part of this masterpiece because it sheds light on the differences in each of us and the role that our personality plays in how we operate from day to day at work and at play. Take the little personality inventory and figure out which animal each student is, then use personality type to group them throughout the year.  What happens when you group all of the lions together?  All otters?  Is there a type that does work best with its own kind? See how well golden retrievers and otters get along or what it takes for a lion and a beaver to really end up creating quality work, provided that's even possible. Happy hunting! 

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