The Good Samaritan

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Sometimes you have to dig really deeply to find that silver lining, but Alvin Becker (John's distant relative) didn't have to dig at all this time, thanks to a good samaritan.  The story goes that their neighbor, Randy Stack, somebody they didn't really even know very well, evacuated as the Bastrop wildfires threatened to take his house, but then snuck back to save his home. He slept in his truck at night, and sprayed water on his house and Alvin's during the day.  After eight days of not knowing, Alvin and his wife Juanita returned to find their house in tact. Of the 14 houses on their side of the bridge, only four survived. Click here to read the Houston Chronicle's account of this selfless act of courage, compassion and charity. 


  1. Wow, talk about a powerful story! I witnessed a good samaritan act the other day while I was on campus. There was this older, possibly homeless man walking on the sidewalk. He was kind of hobblying along. I was walking on my phone and as I was about ready to pass him, a girl, most likely a student, stopped and asked him if she could help him get where he was going. He looked at her with the strangest look in his eye, like he couldnt ebelive that she had asked him that. She then, I assumed, helped him as long as she could. It has been a long time since I have seen someone do such a random act of kindess such as that. It reminds me of those commercials on t.v., the ones where someone sees someone else helping and then they help too. I love those! what a good thing to bring into your school. I can definitely see how I could use that as a tool for a more cohesive school. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's a great example, Jennifer - thanks for sharing! I love those video clips at values.com since they're only 30-second PSAs and they're so powerful. The other ones I use are Film Clips for Character from filmclipsonline.com - good stuff because kids really connect with the snippets so they lead into wonderful discussions!

  3. that was a really good person to do that i proply wodnt have don that but we all hav a gud samaritn in us


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