Remember, Reflect, Repost

Today's post was number 100 for me; can you tell that I find writing to be not only addictive but also therapeutic? Storying about inspirational and influential stuff is really forcing me to be on the lookout for elevating examples and guess what? I’m actually happier than I’ve felt in a very long time. I hope you're enjoying the Corner as much as I am!
     To celebrate this century-mark and join Jennifer at Rowdy in First in sharing some sunshine, here are my twelve favorite stories, to remember, to reflect upon, and to repost:
That Doll – This is the story of two women and the doll they cherished for more than fifty years.
The Last Lunch – Read about how my husband traveled through the letting-go process.
The Stranger At Starbucks – This is the tale of a pricey drink and a priceless friendship. 
Guiding Me Gingerly – This one’s a tribute to my counseling mentor.
One Last Shot – A difficult day I really want to remember when my memory fades.
Come Hungry, Leave Happy – A pay-it-forward idea from an expert Bucket Filler.
From Crayons To College – My daughter and I collaborated on this, so it’s really special to me.
Running On Empty – The world needs more teens like Tommy!
World Peace – This elevating experience from our kids’ camp is a summer keeper.
The Kindness Boomerang – When good goes, it always comes back around.
Fleeing From Fear – Experience the survival account of our hurricane Rita evacuation.
My Christmas Carol – The generosity of this friend never ceases to amaze me.
   I may slow down on blogging a bit as my responsibilities at school increase, but here's to the next 100 posts and LOTS of passion and positivity!


  1. WooHoo for you! I am a new-comer to your blog, so I look forward to catching up with your Top 12.

  2. Hey Marty - I hope that you'll agree that these stories are incredibly inspirational! I love your posts, too.


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