The Slogan On The Sleeve

I was only a little suspicious when my teenager came over my way with a “hey good lookin’” and a smile.  Turns out, he was reading his ecotainer, that brown hot-drink sleeve that keeps your hand from burning while you’re enjoying your hot beverage.  It so piqued my curiosity that I thumbed through them all to see what they said:
1.  Hey good lookin’.  Try to pay a compliment to at least one person each day.
2.  Feeling a little stressed?  Taking deep breaths allows you to inhale more oxygen and release tension.
3.  It’s your turn.  Turning off the water while brushing your teeth reduces the amount of water used.
4.  Flip the switch.  The best form of light is natural.
YAY; these are SO cool, er, I mean HOT! At the bottom, it simply says: take care – we owe it to one another. I like that. We owe it to one another. Just a little reminder, that the future is in our hands, from our friends at the Hampton Inn. What eco-friendly or positively-inspiring message would you write, if you could scribe the slogan on the sleeve?

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