He Didn't Miss The Mark

Photo from 12uspost.com
Mark needed help, and no one noticed, except for his competitor Josh Ripley. A spike from another runner's shoe had pierced his heel, and Mark was bleeding profusely. And, though he carried Mark half a mile to get him some help, Ripley doesn't think he's anything special; he simply says that he was "in the right place at the right time." Today's story from Yahoo's Rivals High fills me with hope for the future as I celebrate the compassion and kindness that kids like Josh bring to our world.


  1. Oh, my, you've put me in your sidebar and I am tickled pink!
    I've been scrolling your blog and can't wait to come back and read more tomorrow (hubby is telling me to turn off the computer, lol)!

    Thank you!! ReadWriteSing

  2. That's funny, Chrissy. My husband has to remind me to shut it down, too, sometimes . . . er, a LOT . . . he's like my timer. I'm tickled pink to have found your site!!! Come back and visit anytime.


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