Metaphor Basket

I saw this suggestion on the St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training FB page this summer and jumped at the chance to make a Metaphor Basket of my own because A. It gave me a chance to clean out two catch-all drawers, and B. What a FUN idea and versatile tool.  
   I use it as a starter in sessions with parents, teachers, or students. I simply show the basket and ask them to choose an item that tells their story. Or maybe that interests them. Maybe that expresses how they’re feeling right now. Or maybe there’s an item in there that sparks a memory or taps into a dream. There might even be a novelty that represents something they want to change. Ask participants to explain what they're thinking and feeling about the item they select. So much potential. 
   I’m even thinking I could bring it to a team leader or a character advisory committee meeting to use as a team-building activity to get to know one another better. How about putting it in a writing center? Or bringing it out at a morning meeting? Imagine the possibilities. So what will you put into your metaphor basket and how could you use it to create change, delve deeper or simply share?


  1. I'm glad you're finding so many uses for the metaphor basket.

  2. Oh yes, I was working with a 2nd grader on Friday. I did the first three prompts: Find something that makes you happy, find something that you worry about, find something that you'd like to change. We took turns finding an item and sharing. Then I told her it was her turn. On her own, she thought about it, then said, "Find something that reminds you of someone." Second grade. Such a GREAT way to connect and get to know her . . . and build trust and rapport!!!

  3. This is a fabulous idea! I am such a pack-rat, I'm sure I can fill a basket by Monday :-).

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I will be checking out your suggestions at the library!


  4. Love this idea! Just found it in my favorites for things to create. Going to use it in my 6th grade Changing Families group!

  5. Love this! Would someone please email me some things they put in their basket? I am a recent graduate and loving these ideas!



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