Back On Track

Happy World Goodness Day! I've always said that my walks would go a WHOLE lot faster if I jogged, so this morning when my husband suggested we walk to the track and then run a few laps, I took him up on it. What can it hurt, right? Well, ok, yeah, it hurt. A little. I trotted the equivalent of a Kids' K before I went back to walking. John kept on running, prompting me to pick up the pace behind him so I didn't get lapped! And now that I'm home, it felt amazing to stick with it; we ended up putting in almost 4 miles!
     Wanna get the kids' behavior back on track? Try these Be A Star With Manners stickers from Really Good Stuff. I got a pack for our character building recently and I gave them to one of our first-grade teachers - here's what she did:
     It was the end of the day, and she called a class meeting. She said that she was going to give an award, which totally got their attention. She gave the child's name and asked, "What do you think she did to earn the We Are Polite award today?" And guess what? They all knew exactly what she'd done, all day long, and they expressed it beautifully. What an affirmation for her that was. And guess what else? They all tried to get the award the next day, creating a win-win-win for the teacher, the students, and the classroom climate. When good goes, it always comes back, so stick with it!


  1. Hey great job with the walk-run! I'm not a big reward person but I REALLY like those stickers:)
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Thanks Barbara! We're not big on extrinsic motivators either, but these seem to really complement our mission!

  3. Barbara-

    I think I put in 4 miles yesterday on the ladder painting! :) I have been meaning to start walking/jogging for awhile now-about 22 years! Tee hee. I actually got on my stationary bike Friday and burned up a whole 28 calories before I gave out! :)



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