A Texas Tradition

If you're not from Texas, you may not know about the 118-year history of the University of Texas playing Texas A & M University in football on Thanksgiving Day. I'm told it started in 1894 when Grover Cleveland was president, before six of the states were even a part of the United States, before the rotary dial revolutionized the telephone, before air conditioning came along. It's a long-standing rivalry between our two big state schools which over the years has become a very big deal. Last night, they played their final game in this turkey-day tradition.

That by itself isn't much to write home about, but the halftime show certainly is. Partly because our daughter Kaitlyn was in it (she's in the burnt orange Longhorn uniform with the white stetson hat - can you see her? - she says she's the left-end person on the top of the T - YAY!), and partly because the Showband of the Southwest cut their Queen show short to play Thanks for the Memories and etch this picture into the hearts and minds of the 86,000-plus football fans at Kyle Field on the Aggies home turf. 

 Thanking the opposition, a fitting tribute and a classy way to end a time-honored Thanksgiving Day tradition, don't ya think?



  1. So... Barbara:
    I woke up this morning thinking: YAY! Today Barbara gets to see Kaitlyn!

    Who needs reality TV?! I just have conversations with my BlogFriends! Thanks for sharing a "window into your life." It's fun to be happy about someone else's JOY!

    Wishing you a big squeezy hug day!
    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. YaY - thanks, Kim. She got in at 4:30 a.m. since the fog from College Station to Houston was horrifying . . . so she's still asleep. Hoping to reconnect soon!!! It will indeed be a BIG heart squish day at our place. Oh, and her favorite, stuffed deep dish pizza for dinner!!!


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