Epic Entertainment

Let’s be honest: I did NOT want to sell and deliver all those holiday poinsettias. I totally didn’t want to supervise those summer car washes. And I really didn’t care to eat all of that leftover World’s Finest Chocolate candy that we couldn’t find anyone to buy. But I’m here to say that it was ALL worth it and then some! Ultimately, we'll do whatever it takes to be with the best of the best. That's exactly what happened on Tuesday when we competed in the State Marching Band Competition, the Superbowl of High School Marching in Texas; what an epic event!
“So what did you get at State?” you might be wondering. And here’s what I’d answer: I got a personal business day away from school to follow the band to the Alamo Dome. I got to visit my friend Mary en route. I got to sit on the porch of her little house on the prairie and drink my morning coffee before heading to San Antonio. I got to spend the day with my husband. I got to watch my son's band and experience the elegance and pageantry of their beautiful performance. I got choked up several times. I got to enjoy 23 other bands and their stellar shows, each one uniquely special its own right. I got a tasty dinner on the Riverwalk between prelims and finals. I got to see my college girl, who came in from Austin to support her brother and their friends. I got to see the best 10 bands leave everything they had on the field a second time that evening. I got a new appreciation for the diligence and work ethic of these talented teens. And I got home in the wee hours of the morning.

And what place did we get? Fourth in the state of Texas. Out of 250 marching bands our size. Fourth. So, so proud of them! Can't wait to do it all again in two years when Joshua gets to FHS. Here’s my amateur footage of the show if you want to experience the emotional sights and sounds of Friendswood High School’s 2011 show: 751 Chant of the Ages. Anyone want to buy a magazine subscription? Anyone? Anyone? 


  1. HI Barbara:

    I think you got your investment back... times a thousand!
    I hate to admit it, but I was in drill team in high school. The sound of a drum cadence still melts my heart.
    Thanks for taking us with you through your post. Congrats on the victory!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


  2. Barbara
    Thanks for sharing this with us. As for a magazine subscription, just let me know. I'd buy. :)

  3. what a wonderful thing to experience. Your kids/band will be awesome young adults and I think our future is in safe hands.

  4. Stunning! I've never seen anything like it at band competitions in Virginia. Teamwork at it's finest. Congratulations on the win and thanks for sharing! Mind if I share a snippet of it in a guidance lesson? Lisa S.

  5. Hey Sylvia - thanks for offering to buy a magazine subscription. You are SO kind. I'll see if I can find that online code.

    Lisa S - I appreciate your kind words. Isn't it unbelievable how much work this must take? And there were three bands who were even B.E.T.T.E.R.!!!

    I'd LOVE for your to share a snippet!!! (oooo and that sounds like a blog title for somewhere down the road . . . )

  6. This is ace! Nice one, & also rather like what's ran through my brain when I've been stood in that epic entertainment. Thanks mate for this nice expose.

  7. Sounds like you had a grand time!!! Memories forever. Thanks for the post!



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