Meaningful Meditations

I think my favorite thing about counseling classes was learning relaxation, visualization, and meditation.  Have you ever relaxed deeply enough that it feels like you're sleeping when you're really awake?  Kids love that feeling, too, so I always teach meditation as part of my small group counseling classes.  

The book I use is Starbright - Meditations For Children by Maureen Garth. Basically it's just a collection of guided imagery and visualizations that take children to a safe place mentally and emotionally so they can physically
unwind and relax.

I'm using this scented rice basket as a tangible calm-down tool this year as well.

Lavender-scented rice, a stick, and some letter puddles!

What works for you when you're helping kids learn to relax?   


  1. thanks for the book idea as well as the calm basket from the Mediation site. We are just starting state testing this week and we have been working on some stress/relaxation lessons.

    It is amazing how stressed our little ones are. Who can blame them with all the violence etc in our world

  2. Yes, I made my calm-down basket last week and we've used it several times already. I also read an article that kids are stressed and anxious cause they're not playing anymore (outside of video games, that is). Thanks for your reflections, Jo!

  3. Hi Barbara!

    I'm going to need to use meditation to keep me from going BlogCrazy!

    I added and removed items for two hours and the missing post finally reappeared. (And I have NO IDEA why!)

    You are so sweet (and WONDERFUL) to look out for me. I get to think of you every time I add my name to comment on a post!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    Thanks, BlogPal!


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