Angelic Artistry

Debbie from Rainbows Within Reach is having a Happy Everything, Show-N-Tell Linky Party for her birthday, so to celebrate, I'm sharing one of my favorite homemade holiday gift ideas. I received this cute cherub many years ago and it's still one of my favorites today.

Whoever saw an angel when they looked at that large paper clip is simply and incredibly creative! And whenever I wear it, guess what?  Yep, it gets ALL sorts of nods and notices. So here's a picture of this clever little craft so that you can replicate it with your little angels. All you'll need is these large clips, some little silver beads, a ring for a halo, and some colorful satin ribbon. 
Have fun sprinkling joy with these little darlings!


  1. Simple is definitely beautiful. I really like this!!
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Happy BIRTHday to me!!!! What a perfect present!!! I've never seen this idea. How brilliant. Isn't it amazing to see how other minds work? Thanks for linking up Barbara!!! Thanks for joining in all of our adventures ahead on the collaborative.

    I count you as a genuine gift in my growth and journey. Here's to many more amazing celebrations ahead!!!


  3. Love, love, love! I am going to go to the craft store this afternoon and make these for the counselors at my internship site as a thank you! What a great and creative idea!


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