Like Breakfast At The Table

Our faculty sharing in a back-to-school morning meeting.
You've undoubtedly heard it said time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You may have also heard that morning meeting is like breakfast at the table. Would it follow, then, that morning meeting is the most important part of your day?  I recently came across this amazing snippet of a fifth-grade morning meeting.  If you've got five minutes, you've got to see how nicely done their student-led meeting is. 
     We use the Responsive Classroom model so the meetings are typically 15 to 20 minutes in length. Our teachers who do morning meetings faithfully will tell you that they get that time back, and then some and that they are the most critical minutes of the day because you get to check the emotional barometer of your students and connect as a class family. It's also the perfect time to infuse some meaningful movement and get the wiggles out. When's the last time you circled up and had some meaningful social-emotional meeting time? Wouldn't that be a nice gift to you and your class? Let me know if you'd like to see a first-grade morning meeting in its entirety and I'll happy send you a link to a training video that I use. Happy sharing!  


  1. We are a TRIBES school and use a community circle concept, which is very similar I think to your morning meeting. However, our teachers use it in the afternoon also. A few have even used it when a big issue has popped up in the class. I would like the link to see what differences or commonalities the Tribe circle and the morning meeting have. Thanks!

  2. Could you send me the video? I am really curious how this works. It seems like a great idea to get all students and staff to focus up for the day!



  3. Hi Barbara-

    Would love to see your morning meeting! I am trying to use this at my school. Thank you :)



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