Setting Rivalries Aside

So yesterday morning on my last day of break, I spent some leisurely time in my PJs blog stalking hopping. It was when I stopped by Sunny Days and saw that Denise was back at work that I experienced some overwhelming empathy and decided to do something unpleasant productive as well. So, in her honor, I started to scour the floor, tile by tile. 
Here's a proof positive that I cleaned until my fingers bled I ran out of Soft Scrub (notice the inverted bottle?!).

Now the real reason for today's post:
This touching story that aired on television during the Packers v. Bears game Christmas night is as heart-wrenching as it is heart-warming. A young Packers fan from northern Wisconsin passes away suddenly and her family gives the ultimate gift to a Chicago Bears fan.
Click here to watch as these families meet for the first time. I keep trying to figure out what this experience must have been like for these people, virtual strangers from opposite sides of the football field, forever connected first by longing and loss, then happiness and hope.  


  1. I saw it when it aired and was just amazed by it. The meeting must have been so emotional for both sides, but knowing that their son was still "alive" due to the donations must have been so meaningful. Rivalries are only what we make them to be.

  2. I really needed this today! What perfect timing for me :)


  3. Hi Barbara:

    I can't watch the video at the moment because I have papers to grade and crying would not be wise.
    BUT, I just smiled really BIG at that inverted bottle! (Although missing some SoftScrub vs missing some ketchup or syrup? Hmmmmm. There's something to ponder.)
    My OCD tendencies make me love those "square" tasks. So orderly. Love it!

    Hope today (Tuesday) wasn't too bad... (My kids slept through half of it!)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. The picture of you scrubbing away has me giggling because that was like my past two days - although it's been laundry, and not scrubbing floors (not to say they don't need scrubbing). I've recently found out my childrens' newest hobby is shoving everything under their beds (should've known - pretty sure I was guilty of that as a kid), so that combined with two growth spurts and a switch over of the hand-me-downs, has me waist deep in laundry. Determined to keep up with my new year's resolutions, and keep up the cleaning ... and the healthy cooking ... think I need to go back to school for a break. ;)

    Runde's Room


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