Thanks And A Thought For Thursday

Congratulations to Tabitha, from Scrapbook of a School Counselor, whose name was chosen at random in our Great Group Games Giveaway.  Here's her play-with-purpose activity suggestion:

One of my favorite activities is the blindfolded pb&j activity. In partners, one student is blindfolded and has to create a pb&j sandwich while their partner directs them. To make it a little harder the second time around, we might move all the supplies to different parts of the room. Then, they must gather first, and then build. It is so cool to see how the students are at the beginning of the process and then later on down the road how they manage this activity then!

 She has an autographed copy of the book coming her way!  Thanks to everyone who entered and to Ann and Susan for their partnership in this great giveaway! Click here for 22 more engaging exercises that'll help get your kids' creative juices flowing.

Two awards from three sweet bloggers have come my way - a HUGE thanks to my new blogging buddies at First Grade Magic, Second Grade Sugar and Spice, and Live, Laugh, Teach for the Liebster and the Versatile Blogger Awards.These ladies are passionate about what they do; hop on by for a site visit AND add them to your blog roll! 

Click on the award names to see how I previously fulfilled the requirements; now on to today's inquiry: 

How might your life be different 
with just a smidge of self-compassion?

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