Character Cubes

*Today's freebie, to honor Pam's memory (The Vintage Teacher blog), was created with help from my husband John!

Wanna see how well your students understand the values that you've adopted for your character building? Here's a six-sided character cube that perfectly complements our Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, 
Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.

Click here for the template that you can print on card stock. Ask your students to illustrate each character trait and color before cutting out, folding and fastening the tabs with glue or tape to make a cube. Use it during those five minutes at the end of class or at a work station to integrate character; students can roll the cube and talk about either what's happening in the picture or discuss an experience they've had with that particular pillar. 
What other ways could you use this character cube?

Three more bulletin board ideas:

Our future looks bright with cool character kids leading the way!
Shine on!
How do you create a caring community?


  1. I love your idea for Character Blocks. I also use a template like this to make "talk blocks." On one block you write different emotions and make another block with things you need, like a hug, a walk, to play, etc. Then, kids use these when they are having a rough time to explain how they are feeling and what you can do to help. It teaches them how to react to their emotions and self control. I like for them to make their own to take home.

  2. Thanks everyone! Allison, I LOVE the feelings idea and think I'll borrow it for our first small group meetings next week.

  3. Hi Barbara:
    So sweet that the hubs got involved.
    I just know that would make Pam smile!
    CyberHugs from California...

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