Character Pledge

This is what I woke up to the second time I got up this morning.  HeAvEnLy! The first time was @ 5:00 because Joshua had to get up for the Galveston County Science Fair; then I stayed up until 6:30 to get Jacob out the door for his German Festival Competition in Houston. I wasn't sure I'd fall back asleep, but I did, until 8:30 when it started to downpour this beautiful, healing rain.  What a SwEeT sound!

Now to the business of school and character. Every morning after we take our moment of silence, this is what we say:

I will make good choices today.  I will respect myself, my teachers, and others, and give my best effort in all I do.

It's what we call our Character Pledge. It's our promise to ourselves and to each other. It sets us up for success. And when we falter, we come back to it and reflect on the words and talk about how we could improve.  And we make a plan for how to be better.  We've been saying this pledge for the past seven years. Every day. Do you have a Character Pledge at your school?

Vince Lombardi of Green Bay Packers fame has a little book about being #1 in which it talks about giving your best effort.  Not necessarily having to be THE best, but doing YOUR personal best. Every day. Click here to see and hear what this legendary coach had to say about character and success.

As I wrap up my character-infusion idea extravaganza and gear up for National School Counseling Week, I'm curious:  What are your best practices for preparing tomorrow's leaders to become 
'value-able' and productive citizens?

How are YOU a gift to your school?

  Thanks for positively influencing our future and teaching our kids that they are a gift that makes 
the world a better place.

Paying It Forward can create a domino effect and make the world better!


  1. Yes, every morning after announcements and the manner of the week, we say our touchstone (pledge).

    " At Prairie Elementary, through learning and laughter, we choose to have a positive attitude, to work hard, to be honest, and to be respectful."

  2. I like the pledge! Do you have a picture book that teaches a little bit about making good choices?

    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. It's funny that you ask that, Jennifer. I actually got a book in the mail THIS WEEK that teaches about bad v. good choies - here's the link:

      Oh No, Ah Yes!

      I'm eager to use it in small group next week. Thanks for stopping by the Corner.

  3. I love what your kids recite! Each classroom on our campus has a mission statement which students helped create. Ours is: We will follow the rules so we can have fun while learning Reading, Writing, and Math.

    Quench Your First

  4. OhMeOhMy.
    I REALLY like this.
    I think we'll start this on Monday.
    I am not kidding.
    We don't have a pledge.
    But I think we need a pledge.

    Our "School Way" is Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful.
    (I've always hated that Respectful is last.)

    When we got a new principal, I organized the school-wide behavior assembly. When no one was paying attention, I added "Be kind" to the end of the list. No one was any wiser.
    Now there are four.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. We also have a fantastic service learning program where kiddos are doing more than volunteering. We have tied all our projects to our curriculum and have moved from local to global projects. Our kiddos are taking moal action to become good citizens.

  6. I love your pledge. We've never done anything like that but I think I'll try it too. Thanks!

    Grade ONEderful

  7. i love your pledge in my school i am facing aggression n abusing language in kids so will you olz help me out, how i will work on it because they think its make them cool. plz anyone help me out

    1. You can certainly do it grass roots by starting with the kids, but I've found it really sets a strong foundation for your shared leadership team to work together to create a culture and climate of caring. Start with a theme like Showing Our True Colors or What's Our Echo? Find out from staff what they want more of and what they want less of. Find out from students how they want to be remembered. Find out from parents and stakeholders what they want their school's Brand to be. Email me if you'd like to chat more; I'd love to help!


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