The Gift Of Peace

Peace comes in all shapes and sizes.  As a blogging community, we have another opportunity to share some peace in the form of gift cards, lesson plans ideas or other gestures of caring with those school families who were devastated by recent storms.

Crystal over at Kreative In Kinder is organizing this project as a practical way to show our love and send it their way. Hop on over today to see how you can help.

What PEACE do you bring to our school family?  That's the inquiry that I posed on this peace-filled bulletin board I created with my Really Good Stuff border and peace-print accents right before spring break to keep peacemaking in the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Then, on the last day before break, I'm on car rider duty (my FaVoRiTe!!) and I open up the car door of this precious kindergarten girl named Aubrey. She glances my way and immediately starts to sky-write something. Not quite sure what to make of her code but taking my cue from a birthday bouquet in her mother's hands behind her, I ask her if she just drew 
a happy birthday cake for her teacher. 

Core Values Bring PEACE To Our School Family!

That's when she replied with the most heart-warming smile I've seen in a while, "No, Mrs. Gruener, I'm drawing a peace sign for you." Now that is the kind of p.e.a.c.e. I'm talking about. I can't help but wonder what made her draw me a peace sign as she launched herself into that day, but I am totally grateful that peacemakers like Aubrey bring THAT kind of peace to our school family. 
I am still walking on air from her generous gift, just as our friends in need will be when they hear from you!


  1. what a sweet gift! I just love being uplifted by you every time you post and I have a feeling Aubrey feels it too!

  2. Thanks for the great bulletin board idea. I am wondering what you have printed beneath the peace signs.

    1. I put words like: joy, honesty, respect, responsibility, optimism, integrity, dependability, friendship, fairness, self-control, empathy, compassion, caring. These are traits that we've discussed with kids and ones that I thought that kids could connect with as they stopped by the bulletin board to take a look.


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