Paying It Forward

It started with an idea to repay a debt that had been forgiven long ago, back when Mark was a starving college kid, so he wrote a letter telling his story and included a donation to return that twenty-year-old favor. 
It ended with a story featuring my brother's generosity in the Aspirus Health Foundation's annual report.
Click to enlarge and read all about it!

Don't you love their mission statement: 
Passion for excellence. Compassion for people. 
Have you ever paid someone back and ended up 
Paying It Forward in the process?


  1. this is terrific! We have been doing a pay it forward community garden and used the food for the food pantry. When clients got some of the fresh vegetables, they were so thankful. In return, they came and helped water and weed it the following year!

  2. Deanna SchadebergJune 21, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    How I love this story! Aspirus Hospital in Wausau saved my sister's life after a terrible accident, my uncle's life after cardiac arrest, and made it a hat trick last October by saving my mom during a heart attack. Yea to your brother's kindness and yea to Aspirus.


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