Do A Ditty & Sing A Song

Many of you know that I LOVE to seal the deal with a little ditty (my attempt at poetry!) or song at the end of each guidance lesson.  The kids know it, too, and they ask for it specifically on the rare occasion that I don't have something musical-related as their launch.  So today I'm linking up with Melissa over at Dilly Dabbles and posting a K variation of one of our signature songs.  Just look at how hard they're concentrating on getting their fingers to work and snap along with the music.  My friend Michelle up in NJ actually has her Kindies sing the original version at the link below every day to launch them into greatness!

Entitled Kids With Character and set to the music of the Addams' Family, this specific version was at the end of a respect lesson.  
(Notice how we incorporated the movements to the hand-jive during the verse):

Character counts! (snap, snap)
Character counts! (snap, snap)
Character counts! Character counts!
Character counts! (snap, snap).

makes Westwood a great place to be!
We speak and act respectfully; 
We're kids with character.

Click {here} for the lyrics to more Ditties and Songs that we use to infuse Meaningful Movement and Music.


  1. Barbara; you have inspired me to try to do more singing and dancing with my kiddos. We are also adding music to our all school assemblies, in particular the Bully song (Chicken Dance)

  2. My kids and I sing all day long. What a great way to integrate character into a day of singing.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. We just found your blog and it is GREAT!! We are now following you and would love it if you want to check us out sometime!
    Katie & Lisen :)


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