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Today I'm excited about a special delivery I picked up at school yesterday . . . I knew it was coming because of this email I'd received from Wisconsin after presenting up there:

Good morning, Barbara!

I just wanted to make sure that you knew a copy of Kiki's Hats (by Warren Hanson) would be arriving at your school this week. I wasn't exactly sure what address to use, so I sent it to the Westwood address on your school's website.

Once again, I loved your presentation in Jefferson last week. You amazed and inspired, and I love that I can send you this book and share a little of "me" with you. :)

Happy summer!


I'm not sure whether it filled my bucket more to KNOW it was coming or to actually find it in my box when I went there this afternoon to unpack my stuff. Just look at how bright and colorful it is!  Kiki makes these adorable hats and gives them away, just like our knitting club at my school and, although one of my knit-club volunteers had actually shared an article about the Musical version of this story a year or so ago, I just hadn't gotten around to ordering the book . . . and now I don't have to . . .  let's hear it for Random Acts of Kindness . . . thank you, Deanna, for this thoughtful gift!

I'll extend the Berry Fun Bucket Filler giveaway through this afternoon until 5 pm (central), so don't forget to leave a comment to enter!

We picked WAY too many berries . . . 


  1. In case she didn't tell you, this book has special meaning to her. She has student whose nickname is Kiki in her class! Thank you so much for the Knit a Cap book you gave me--now all I have to do is learn how to knit! Happy Friday!

  2. Yes, it is special. And...I have chills just from reading your post! I hope you love it! I'll have to look for the musical version. Happy Friday!

  3. Mmmm....mmmmm....mmmmmm-that looks delish!!

    Of course, it doesn't help that it's 9:05 pm and still waiting on hubby to come home from hay field so we can eat supper. Stomach is growling as I type this! :)


  4. Oh...I'm sorry I missed your giveaway! But a big congrats on 200 followers. It's so much fun watching the numbers grow.
    That pie looks amazing!!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  5. I'm Warren Hanson, the author and illustrator of "Kiki's Hats". It's really gratifying to see Kiki's message of giving being spread far and wide. I do many author visits to elementary schools, and "Kiki's Hats" is one of the favorite books of all I've done. Oh, about the musical... I wrote the script and all the music. If you're interested, contact me at warren@warrenhanson.com . It's a short show, with parts for kids and adults. And it has a "giving" component built in. Perfect for a school, Sunday school, or VBS. Thanks, Barbara, for spreading the spirit of "Kiki's Hats"!


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