Forever Nine

Today I'm reflecting on how quickly time passes as I take my youngest, now a teenager, to have braces put on his teeth. When the friendly receptionist at the doctor's office asked how old Joshua is, I answered, "Thirteen. We meant to do this sooner, but time just got away from us. Besides, he still seems so small." She responded, "Yeah, that's how I feel about my seventeen year old; 
I wish he could be forever nine."  

I love connecting like that with someone who gets it. It somehow validates what I'm going through. Anyway, that short interaction got me to thinking about our lives, our daughter about to head back to college, our middle child turning eighteen this month, and Joshua about to get his braces. Were they ever really small? And was I the best mom that I could be for them? And then . . . what do the years ahead hold for us? And do I really wish they could be forever nine? 

photo of little table with scrabble letters - forever young
Our kids don't fit on these little chairs anymore . . . 
I'm going to have to say NO to that, because I truly am looking forward to what these kids will be like as adults. That's got to be the proverbial pot of gold at the end of our rainbow. But whatever the future holds, what I do know today is that we are abundantly blessed and I am incredibly grateful.

And now, today's inquiry: At what age (if any) would you want to freeze time for your children or yourself?


  1. My youngest is 34 and oldest 39; we have 8 grandchildren. Looking back, I wish I could have frozen them in time at age 7. They were so innocent then, times were so different, and there were many less fears to face in what they would encounter. Doors never were locked, everyone watched out for the neighborhood kids from their front porches. I look back at the activities they did when they were 7---baseball, basketball, football, swimming, biking and their ultimate favorite "night games". Those were special days.

  2. Hi Barbara!
    Time really does pass all too quickly! I love a second or third grader and their outlook on life! However, I love my kids right where they are(25,26,28)! There is a lot to be thankful for at every age. Thanks for the post!
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  3. Hmmm... I would freeze them right at the ages they are: 10, 7 and 4. Which made me think -- if I said I'd freeze them all at 4, then I would never have gotten see who the boys (the older ones) have become. Which brought unexpected joy to think about, because as much as I really do tell them, "Stop growing, would ya?!", if they did I would miss out on seeing who God has planned for them to "be". And I am so excited to continue to watch that transformation even if the road of parenthood is challenging sometimes!

  4. I wouldn't want to freeze my kids at any age, but I would like to be able to go back and visit them at various ages (holodeck, anyone?). My oldest (almost 20) is travelling around the UK on her own this summer and my baby (18 in November) is going 2000 miles away to university in September. I am delighted to see them making their own lives and following their own paths, but am very wistful for the time when their paths were walking with me, holding my hand.
    I truly heart-understand the saying -- long days, short years

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  5. Well, it wouldn't be 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I wish I could go back and visit the ages of 3-10 ESPECIALLY the younger of that range. There are several things I would do differently. I think. :)

    Now let's talk about fast forwarding..... Seriously, if my daughter and I make it through these next few years we will be a miracle. It's been tough the last year and has NOT gotten better. Maybe one day...... :)



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