Getting-To-Know-You Connections Chant

I once heard Stephen Covey say in an interview that 
"Being understood does for the heart 
what water does for the body."  
His words resonated with me and got me thinking -- can we say the same about connections? If we want to create a caring climate in our classrooms, we have to facilitate class-family connections!

photo of Connections bumper sticker design

In the video clip below, you'll find a getting-to-know-you connection activity that I adapted from an idea from my friend Angie in Alabama. Students LOVE this chant because they get to circle up, look at one another, hear their names, and share a little bit about themselves while they learn cool stuff about their classmates (and me!) and ultimately 
make cardiac connections. 

Wanna share your promising practices for creating a caring classroom? Click the graphic below and link up with the fabulous Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections:

I've accepted a kind invitation to be a monthly contributor over at Making It In Middle School {and smiling about it at the end of the day!} on the last Sunday of each month, so click {here} to go there for three more suggestions for connecting with your students those first few days, weeks and months back. For even more engaging, team-building activities, 
visit A - Z Teacher Stuff {here}, The Teachers' Lounge {here
or Fun In First {here}.
EnJOY the emotional hydration!


  1. Love it and thanks for directing me to your friend's blog for some beginning of school ideas!

    And I LOVE the phone ringing at the end of your video!!!! :)

    What did you use to video yourself with? Did you have to edit the beginning or ending to cut out you moving to cut it on/off?

    I'm wanting to video myself, but don't really know where to start.


    1. If you've got someone who can hold the camera, then you don't have to edit; if you need to prop it up on a tripod (or stool like I did), then you'll need iMovie . . . easy breezy to edit and export! Let us know when your first clip is posted, Shannon!

  2. Cute activity Thanks!


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