Life's Twists & Turns

I couldn't resist going to school and putting up this bulletin board last week; call me crazy, but when I get an idea in my head, I just HAVE to see it in real life! So, here's the board outside of my office, adapted from this idea from the Bulletin Board Ideas For Elementary Teachers FB page:

photo of bulletin board using Twister board
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I used the Twister game mat that we haven't dusted off in years and cut off the ends so I could use the letters from the word Twister in the inquiry. The spinner makes it interactive; in the four corners by the feet and hands, it points to groups of support people like neighbors and friends, counselors and group leaders, family members, and teachers and school family. 

On the big circles, I've put issues that elementary school children come to see me about and/or might see as twists or turns in their life:  You broke your arm, your mom had a baby, your dad got a new job, you moved to a new school, your best friend got a new best friend, you didn't make the team, your lost something special, your family pet ran away. Not only is it a playful and bright visual display, it can be used as a conversation starter for when students come to my office for individual help and for guidance lessons.


  1. What a great bulletin board! Love the idea of pointing out to kids so explicitly all the people who are there to help. And they'll love the spinner!
    Getting a bulletin board up is usually one of the last frantic things I do before the kids show up. I'm going to try to follow your inspiration and get it done early!

  2. I love this bulletin board! What a creative idea for using the Twister board! I'm thinking this could be a fun activity/discussion starter in the classroom as well.

    Precious Kinder Moments

  3. love the interactive spinner!

  4. I LOVE this idea!! Looks like I'll be adding "Twister" to my list of things to buy. I have GOT to do this!

  5. Very appropriate, clever, and colorful!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. BRILLIANT!!! I love that you put the spinner on, too -- very interactive! I also like that you put other people that help kids...sometimes I think students get focused on teachers and the counselor being their only problem-solver helpers and don't look beyond to other trusted people in their lives. Well done!

  7. I LLOVE it!! You are so creative! And I am copying this!

  8. That is SUPER cool! I used to love playing Twister :)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  9. SO cool.... Your newest follower, Stephanie


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