Meet A Book Loving Buccaneer

Ahoy Mateys . . . there's a new kid in town thanks to our friends at Flash Light Press that I think you'll want to meet! Like most of us, she's a "Book Loving Buccaneer," but she's stuck in a precarious position aboard a pirate ship in a pirate family with not an ounce of pirate-ness in her being or bones. Through author Carrie Clickard's clever discourse, the reader travels the stormy seas that are Victricia Malicia's life and yearns with this young spitfire for something more suitable. Just wait until you see what happens when the tides turn and the waves of life crest Vic into the chapter where she could capture her daring dry-land dreams

Here's the You Tube trailer to whet your appetite for this high-seas treasure:

Click {here} to sail away with some 
author-scribed activity pages.


  1. Oh my goodness! My 3-old nephew is part dinosaur part pirate.. he loves ALL things pirates. I'll have to look into this book for him!

  2. I LOVE pirate books - and I have not heard of this one. Onto my Amazon wishlist it goes! The title is wonderful in itself - fabulous created rhyming words. Ooooh - I do hope that my Amazon fairy shows up one day and grants me all the books on my wishlist (after giving me a couple of hours to top it up : )

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