Brain Aerobics

Kids say the darndest things. I forget over the summer how funny they are. For example, one of our newbies actually asked me if I had a baby in my tummy. Yep, hilarious! I was caught SO off guard by that one that it left me uncertain as to how to respond, so I simply said, "No, honey, the baby already came out of my tummy." Like thirteen years ago! Maybe instead of brain aerobics this ought to be a post on high-impact aerobics! Anywhooooooo.............

photo of Will Rogers Quote and article about Brain Aerobics

I first heard that adage when I sat in a session with a speaker from the GeoMotion Group. (We have their math-movement mats.) It's SO true . . . if get our students moving every ten minutes or so, we'll maximize their learning. Here's a quick and easy routine that will move your students and give them a brain break

They also have a cute rendition of Captain Music's Dalmatian Disco - 
here's a snippet:

Check out the easy moves in the Cupid Shuffle, courtesy of these cute kids at my school and Coach Romell; talk about your perfect two-and-a-half minute chance to fire those dendrites.

I stopped by the p.e. classes on our first day back and she'd grouped the kids by fruit, then called out fruit names with a prompt like "spaghetti" and they had to move like limp noodles until the next group's name was called. Wouldn't that SO easily adapt to the classroom? I can totally see the strawberries skip, the blueberries bounce, and the grapes gallop. When it wasn't their turn, they were frozen food, exercising self-control and practicing their deep breathing!
Click {here} for more meaningful movement ideas and watch for my guest post on Saturday at the Teachers' Lounge ten additional
 energizers and brain breaks
What are you waiting for? Let's get moving!


  1. I am teaching my students about the brain this year and was hoping to give them some "brain boost" ideas -- your resources are perfect! Thanks!


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